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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am back on Face Book....

Come request me on Facebook my loyal fans... I am now up and running again!  Just look up Mona Lot :-) Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video of the week

The man in this video sent me this to 'test' me to see if I would actually post it... You all should really know me better than that... Of course I am going to upload anything that is sent to me if I am given permission... Jeez. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Facebook Account Suspended

Hello all, 

Someone turned in Mona's profile and Facebook has deemed fit to suspend the account. You can contact me at

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Cub Scout Dad...

It was a hot June weekend out in the foothills of California.  Twenty Cub Scout families converged together in a mini tent city at the type of Boy Scout sanctioned camp grounds that make kids and moms actually like to camp.  The campground was resplendent with flushable toilets and showers down the trail, and a spigot with running water in the ‘kitchen area’ where food prep could be undertaken.  The kids and I arrived to join our fellow ‘scouters’ on Friday evening and began to lug our carload of gear up to the campsite, only to have a grounds man volunteer to help me with my stuff, he quickly explained it was because I was the only woman there hauling 4 people’s worth of camp gear by my little lonesome…  Didn’t matter that my 3 kids were able and willing to haul their fair share of it themselves, and my oldest son remarked on that - but I quickly shushed him as the man offering help was a very cute young man…  The ground keeper talked with me up the mile and a half trek to the topmost campground and remarked that the showers this early in the season were still cold (no heat).   I asked him how he liked taking a cold shower everyday (I had found out that the volunteers live on the grounds for the 3 summer months) and he explained that the staff showers WERE heated.  That being said, I turned on my dumb blond act as high as it would go to flirt my way to an invitation for my kids and I to enjoy hot showers for the three days we would be staying.  Of course I got one J
   Once my gear was deposited at the large dirt campsite, I worked diligently to erect the 5 man tent that my oldest had earned as a prize selling popcorn a few years prior, while he and my other two ran around the campgrounds exploring all the activities.  I somehow managed to find a relatively flat spot big enough to fit the behemoth living shelter for our weekend. Within minutes I had three Cub Scout dads wandering over talking with one another as they stared at my ass watching me bend over rustling with the stakes to the tent. 
   I let them ogle for a few minutes, but soon became fed up and told them to either help or go away.  Of the three conversing, two were single dads and one a very fit and frankly… gorgeous grandpa named Mark.  One of the single dads Joe, was a personal friend of mine, and we shared shall we say a relationship of convenience.  He smiled at me and said, “Well Mona, I will let these two gentlemen help you since their tents are already pitched…” as he looked down knowingly towards their groin area and smiled and walked away – leaving me with two horny men by myself…   Now ordinarily I wouldn’t be alarmed at this, but I was at a Cub Scout function for goodness sake…  Mona’s naughty side isn’t allowed out to play when her kids are out and about… The two men smiled at me, both pulling me away from the tent and motioning for me to sit and relax as they went to work, allowing me to hand them different parts as they needed them. 
   While the men worked on my tent, my kids came tearing back into camp telling me all about the zip lines, pool with waterslides, bb gun and archery ranges and a bunch of other activities they couldn’t wait to do with me.  Before they could run away again, I sat them down with their fast food dinner I had hastily grabbed on the way, only to receive a reproachful glance from Matt (the single dad who was working on my tent).  He said “Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t have dinner for the kids?  I could have offered to let you pitch in and I would have let you in on the bbq I’m doing tonight…” I replied with a sarcastic “Jee thanks for the advanced notice Matt, so kind of you!”    Mark laughed and motioned for me to join him at the side of the tent and asked, “So Mona…. Do you partake in adult beverages?”
    Given that alcohol is strictly forbidden at any scout function, I was a bit surprised, but hell… Mark is a retired cop Marine; he of all people should have a few tricks up his sleeve, so I replied, “yes, if you are offering” and he grinned a big grin and put his hand on my lower back and led me to his tent.  He stooped down motioning for me to stay outside as he prepared a ‘juice’ for me in an innocuous looking red disposable cup.   I took a sip and nearly choked. Mark had prepared vodka over ice with a splash of cranberry juice.  Well, I thought to myself – this should be a very pleasant and restful evening!    Matt having already received his red disposable cup of ‘juice’ toasted and said, “Here’s to a fun cub scout outing!”  Usually these outings are very fun, but the noise ratio is so overwhelming that they tend to be a bit stressful and needless to say exhausting, this little juice was just enough to take the edge off to enjoy.  His toast felt like a prayer and I felt like replying with an ‘Amen…’
    Several hours and several cub scout skits around the propane fire later, my kids are fast asleep in their tent and I find myself the only female sitting in a group of 6 men and two of their sons.  I find some community snacks and open up a bag of chips and lick the salt off my fingers as I eat. Matt seeing I am hungry gets up and barbeques me some shrimp and heats up some pork ribs.  His son is sitting next to me and I comment that his dad is very considerate, and being one of the oldest of the cub scouts (11yrs old) comments sagely, “Well he thinks you’re hot… He doesn’t usually make food for women…” I unfortunately was taking a sip of my ‘juice’ while he was making his reply and almost spit it out.  I look up hastily and see Matt had returned and overheard his son’s reply.  
   Mark and Joe were among the 6 men and laughed heartily, Joe interjecting, “Well son, most men think our Mona is hot…” Matt quickly interrupts and says, “Well son, I think this is a fine time for you and Tommy to go to your tents…  It appears it is adult talk time…” Luckily it is dark with only the light of the propane fire, so no one can see my very red and rather embarrassed face.  I glare at Joe, and shush him while Mark watches our interaction closely.  Joe smiles and winks at me unabashedly and Mark comments, “It appears that some know Mona better than others… Why is that do you think Mona?”  I am starting to get a little irritated and reply testily, “Well Mark, I don’t let married men get to know me in that way, I may be a single mom of three but I am not devoid of morals…”  Mark realizing that he has offended me gets up and apologizes and asks if he could speak to me privately.  I am confused now and follow him down the dark trail that heads to the bathrooms.
   Mark apologizes along the trail, explaining that he was just a little jealous, he is happily married and was not trying to insinuate anything, rather he was thinking how lucky Joe was and possibly Matt if he continued to play his cards right.  We have reached the bathrooms and he is slowly backing me up against the wall as he explains that watching me in front of the fire unconsciously teasing all the men there was driving him crazy and he wasn’t the only one.  He explained that every man there was watching me wolfishly, fantasizing about what they would love to do to me and wondering what I would do to them in return…  He is mad, I can tell he isn’t mad at me, rather the fact that he wants me, and I watch a little surprised as his well muscled arm is placed up against the wall just to the side of my head as he leans into me talking faster.  He is trying to explain that if I wanted to be treated respectfully I should stop exuding sex with every movement.  I stand there dumbfounded looking at him wondering what the hell I should do…  Half of me is offended (I don’t deliberately exude sex… how the hell am I supposed to stop it?), while the rest of me is completely turned on, to see a normally well disciplined grandfather so completely loose his composure over wanting me.  
   My response is interrupted as both Joe and Matt walk up and ask if everything is ok. Joe looks a little alarmed and Matt is completely surprised that his friend is standing there yelling at me and looking like he is about to kiss me.  For Fuck SAKE!!! This is a Cub Scout camp out!!! This situation is not supposed to be happening.   Joe walks up and pushes Mark back carefully and takes my hand pulling me away from the wall and ask if I am ok.  Mark realizing what the scene looked like when the two arrived ran a hand through his hair and swears under his breath as he walks away into the darkness.  Matt seeing the possessive way Joe is holding my hand looks up at the two of us and asks if we are together.  I look at Joe, because we are really just fuck buddies, nothing serious and wasn’t sure how much we wanted other parents in the pack to know.
  Joe upset by the situation and also affected by watching me by the fire tells Matt that I am off limits as he pulls me down the trail.  The surprised look on my face makes Matt laugh as he calls out after us, “You might want to tell her that first next time bro!” Joe is walking fast, practically dragging me down the trail and I ask where he is taking me.  He responds with, “I don’t know, anywhere away from all those men lusting after you.  Were you going to let Mark kiss you?  You looked like you wanted him to.  What the hell are you doing Mona!”
   Completely fed up now with these unfounded and extraordinarily offensive accusations, I pull my hand out of his and walk faster down the trail, “I am not actively DOING anything you ass.  It’s not my fault that men find me attractive, what would you have me do?  I am not dressed provocatively, I haven’t even said anything sexual the entire time here – and you KNOW how dirty I like to talk, I feel like a piece of meat being fought over in a lion’s den.  You men need to grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your own hormones and stop blaming me!”
   I stop surprised that I have made it down to the parking lot and am standing at Joe’s BMW.  I had just walked a mile and a half down a dark trail and didn’t even realize it.  Joe having listened to me, approaches, taking my hand in his again, and backs me up to the hood of his car while saying, ‘God Damn – your eyes are so sexy when you are pissed off’ and quickly grabs the nape of my neck with his other hand and claims my mouth with a frenzied, hot kiss. He continues to push me up against the car so that I am half sitting, half lying on the hood of his dark blue BMW.  All the sexual tension from the situation with Mark and now this has me in overdrive and I kiss him back taking his tongue into my mouth circling it with mine. He moans as his hand releases mine, and makes its way up under my shirt, cupping a breast in his hand.  I moan as his hand gently squeezes and I wrap my legs around him as I feel his hard cock rub up against me as we frantically kiss and grind up against each other.  We continue kissing as I kick off my shoes, sliding my feet down the back of Joe’s thighs, sitting up some working on getting his belt undone. The sound of the peacocks at the zoo across the way drowns out our noise as we enjoy each other. 
   I hear a snapping of branches, and break away my kiss as Joe begins an onslaught with his mouth down my neck.  I look over and see Mark looking on hungrily in the shadows.  I smile at him and run my tongue down Joe’s neck while watching Mark take his cock out of his pants and begin to stroke.  Both men groan audibly, but I seem to be the only one who hears it.  I roll my head back as Joe, pulls up my shirt and takes one nipple into his mouth.  The air is cold and I feel my skin pucker with goose bumps. Joe reaches down my pants, stretching the band and finds my very wet clit, circling it with his thumb, moaning, and then saying, “God, I love how you are always wet.  I can’t wait to get inside your pussy.”
   He withdraws his hand so he can lick my juices and then rubs his thumb over my lips telling me to lick it.  I take his finger into my mouth and suck it like I want to do to his very hard cock. He and Mark both groan in unison as I lick the length of his thumb and then take it all the way into my mouth as I grab Joe’s balls and massage in time with my sucking.  I can feel Joe’s pre-cum on my hand and grind up against him as I stroke.  His mouth and hands are all over me, while he tells me that while he is around no one else can have me. 
   Without warning, Joe lifts me by the hips wrenching my pants down finding me with no panties, and he groans out loud saying, “Damn woman , you are so sexy” as he reverently pets my pussy sliding his long finger into my wetness.   I moan at the feel of him entering my hot slit, pushing my hips up to take him deeper.  I look over to see what Mark is doing and he is panting, unable to tear his gaze away from me fucking Joe’s finger.  I lick my lips and take Joe’s chin in my hand and bring it down to kiss me, while using my other hand to guide his cock into my needy pussy.
   I moan a bit too loudly at the feel of Joe filling me and he glances around nervously while putting his hand over my mouth only to spy Mark jacking off watching us. I pull Joe back saying, “It’s ok… let him watch… it’s as close as he is going to get to me.”
   Joe grins groaning out, “you are one kinky bitch, I love it… “As he takes my hips in his hands and pounds me hard.  He wants in deeper so he grabs my knees and places them over his shoulders and practically bends me in half on the hood of his car pounding me so that I cum all over his hard cock.  He takes my lips in his, attempting to muffle my cries of ecstasy and I hear the labored breathing of Mark in the distance.  Joe fingers my clit while he fucks my pussy closing his eyes and throwing his head back as he cums inside me when he feels me tighten around him in orgasm.
  He collapses on top of me breathing heavily, stroking the side of my face, my knees still looped over his shoulders.  He realizes my position and quickly gets up, kissing me as he helps me to a sitting position.  “Damn, but that was good. “ I smile and agree and look over to see Mark zipping up his pants.  “Was it good for you too Mark?”  
   Mark looks to the side embarrassedly but nods in agreement.  I slide off the hood of the car, pulling up my pants, bending down to retrieve my shirt.  I stand up giving Joe one last kiss and take his hand as I lead him back up the hill to the tents.  I take Marks hand in mine as we pass and we walk up the hill silently to retire to our separate tents. 
Cock Size Ranking: A Bit small for me, but can get the job done in a pinch.,.. 6
Cock Taste Ranking: Well didn't suck him this time, but have access to this cock whenever I want, and can say that he is very tasty... a solid 7
Orgasm Ranking: 7 wish I could have cum a couple more times, but given the situation, was lucky not to get caught...